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My name is Randy Plett, and I live in Mafeking, Manitoba, Canada. I am a member of North Mountain Riders Snowmobile Club. We maintain and groom 430 km (270 miles) of snowmobile trails, mostly in the beautiful forested Porcupine Mountains just north of Swan River. Since my equipment is new to the mountain I cannot fit down all of the trails yet. Previously we maintained all the trails with drags behind snowmobiles.

Last year I purchased a set of DOMINATOR tracks from American Track Truck which I installed on a 1996 Chevy Blazer. I built my own grooming drag, which is 9' 4" wide, over 20' long, and weighs 2,300 lbs empty. I park my Skidoo Grand Touring snowmobile and sleigh on top of the drag, plus some extra gas jugs etc. I do this so that I can't get stranded in the "middle of nowhere", and because I often leave my groomer in the bush and just come home on the Skidoo for the night. The whole load probably weighs around 3,000 lbs, plus snow load. I groomed over 1000 km (600 miles) last season and was extremely pleased with the equipment.

Last winter was unusual for us, snow-wise. We didn't have much snow until near the end of January. Then we got 18 inches all in one weekend. This caused me some minor problems with breakdowns because of the deep snow and unpacked trails. I broke the front driveshaft once, and tore the tow hitch off the Blazer twice (that's how hard this equipment can pull!). I learned that when heavy drags and deep snow are involved, I need to pack the trails first. So once I got everything in order, the season came to a early close by the middle of March. Overall the DOMINATOR tracks worked great and I am glad I invested in them. People were amazed at where I could go with the tracks, they were the talk of the area. Most important to me was that everybody who rode on the trails was impressed with the quality of my grooming job!

R.P. from Manitoba Canada