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We purchased DOMINATOR XL Tracks for our 2014 Jeep Wrangler so we could access our home in Flagstaff Arizona.  Installation was a breeze and right away we could tell they would work great for us.  Not long after getting our tracks we used them to rescue one of our neighbors.    It was mid-January and I was out of town on a business trip when I was contacted by our stranded neighbor.   From Thursday morning through Friday night we had received about four to five feet of snow!  My neighbor’s Flagstaff home is about a mile from ours and his full time home is in Phoenix.  He had come up to Flagstaff to check on this place and play in the snow.    While out riding, his snowmobile had become bogged down in the fresh powder and got completely buried.  He had to walk back to his home and stay the night, with no way to get back out.   The next day I returned to Flagstaff and used our tracked Jeep to pick him up.  Along the way I had to watch out for his stranded snowmobile so I wouldn't run over it.  The only part of the snowmobile that could be seen was about 6" of the handle bar sticking out of the snow.  I drove by it with no trouble at all, never even breaking traction!   I was able to rescue my neighbor and take him the three miles to the highway where his family was waiting for him.  Thanks for the great product!


M.K. Flagstaff, AZ