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So why did I buy an American Track Truck? My answer is simple. I need to get to my cabin all year long. Seems simple enough right? Well the cabin lies at 8,000' elevation about 15 miles from Park City Utah (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics). With an average snowfall of 250 inches each year, which packs down to over 5 feet by the end of season, you can see my problem. My cabin lies about six miles from the highway and about 1,700 feet higher up the mountain. Although the roads are plowed down to a base of about 6 inches of packed snow, the last 1 1/4 miles is not. There’s my problem.

Solution year 1: Snowmobiles and trailer for the gear. Result wet gear and unhappy wife!
Solution year 2: Spend $10K on an old truck and a snowblower mounted to it (rlsnowblowers.com), and drive the SUV in with chains on. Result dry gear and happy wife, but LOTS of work (about 7 hours every major storm) and unhappy me! Unhappy neighbors who like to snowmobile on the road, plus difficult to pass the SUV and snowmobiles! And if I missed a storm, I’d have to pay somebody else $100/hr to do the job ($700 per storm).
Solution year 3: Bought an American Track Truck. Fantastic! Happy wife (happy life). Dry gear with no extra work. Now I pray for snow!!

Now, how does this thing perform? In Utah we have "the greatest snow on earth," or so the publicists would like to have you believe! Enough said that it is light and fluffy and you sink butt deep in it with one step.

The Track Truck LOVES IT! First day I got it up the mountain, I took it to my "Toy shed" along a 100 yard long driveway, drifted with the whole season's snow. Usually I get the willies taking a snowmobile along there, 3/4 throttle, don't let up for fear of sinking in and having to dig out! The Track Truck just walked across it like a (soft) paved road. The picture gives you an idea of the terrain. The field is untouched, with snow 3-4 feet deep across the meadow, and the truck is sitting across a ditch another 12-18" deep! What more can I say?

Here is why I think this American Track Truck is so great:
1. It consists of an economical base vehicle (S-10/S-15 GM midsize SUVs 1995 through 2002) including the Chevy Blazer, Olds Bravada, GMC Jimmy and the S-10 pickups. The production run of the 2nd generation S-10 lines was long and there were huge numbers made. So, lots of aftermarket and re-manufactured parts are available.
2. The truck itself needs no modification.
3. The track system "wear parts" consist of all industry standard stuff, nothing custom! The bogies and tracks are all generic snowmobile parts you can order from your local supplier or online from any number of catalogs. There is a whole industry already established supplying the replacement parts!
4. Price! The price is affordable. The established competitor wants $30k for the tracks alone to fit my '02 Expedition.
5. Was able to drive the Truck home with the tracks in the back!
6. Designed and made in the USA! In these uncertain times, lets buy American and keep the wheels (and tracks) of American entrepreneurs' businesses turning!

B.W. from Utah