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My wife and I have lived year-round three years in the mountains of western Montana, about 80 miles east of Missoula. At 4,700’, just west of the Continental Divide, our average snow on the ground throughout the winter is 3-6’, and it’s not uncommon to see storms dump 3’-5’ of snow over a 48 hour period several times a winter. The low temperature extreme I’ve seen is -48 degrees, although our common lows don’t dip much below -20 degrees.

I’ve been a custom home builder for over 35 years, leaving home for work before daylight, and returning well after dark during the winter months. Additionally, in winter, a full six month proposition for us, we must leave our wheeled vehicles almost two miles from our house, traveling that 2 miles via snowmobile or tracked CanAm 650 Outlander, both very chilly propositions. Since we have now both reached the age of 60, and after two winters of “open air” travel (complete with a little frostbite) to our trucks, we began researching enclosed, heated, tracked transportation. After looking at Tuckers, Imps, Rangers, Commanders, etc., I spoke several times with American Track Truck about the Dominator track system, and decided to purchase a lightly used, 2001 Jeep Wrangler and track it up.

Our experience with the Dominator tracks (136”x1”on rear, 121”x3/4” on front) winter 2011-12 was GREAT! Our 2 mile trek includes a mile of flat valley prone to ground blizzards and drifting, giving way to a mile of heavily forested road with two steep grades. The jeep never missed a beat, and we always reached our trucks/home in warm, safe comfort. We experienced white-out conditions several times last winter and always felt safe and secure in the Jeep. I drove through four feet of fresh snow and up steep inclines with ease. I was confident leaving for work in the morning and pleased to have a sheltered ride home at night. We were able to visit neighbors a few miles away without worries of getting stuck. We never had to use the survival gear we always carry with us. Rangers don’t hold a candle to our Jeep with the ATT Dominator tracks. We’ve ridden in/driven two neighbors’ tracked Rangers. They’re noisy, slow, hard to steer and prone to break downs. Not our Jeep-it’s quiet, speedy, easy to steer (even for my wife) and predictable. After six months use, when the snow melted, the tracks came off easily, returning the jeep to highway legal transportation for summer/fall.

Would we recommend American Track Truck? Absolutely-with NO reservations!

S.W. from Montana