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Hello American Track Truck,

I just wanted to give you a little update that things are awesome! My little Jeep never had a hiccup and we tested it pretty darn hard exploring the back country of British Columbia. We made two winter vacations of 2 weeks each, one in early January and the other late February.

Below is a picture of “JRex”, sitting on top of 12 feet of snow at an elevation of 6300 feet, with a temp of 5 below F (-20C)The top half of the snow was as soft as sugar and one needed to be REALLY careful about how they stepped about. Getting back into the Jeep did prove to be a bit difficult….

And here’s a sub-alpine landscape that was shot just around the bend in the previous picture of the jeep.

You just can’t do this stuff with a snowmobile!

Anyhow, I’m super glad that we hooked up and I would like to thank you for your personal attention to this transaction; the experience was absolute stellar!

And if you’re ever out in my end of the world, there’s a beer and steak dinner that awaits you!!


D T B.C. Canada