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We live in northern Massachusetts and we have a camp in northern New Hampshire. In the summer our camp is accessible by vehicle but in the winter the roads get transformed into snowmobile trails which are about impossible to travel by car or truck. Our situation was that we would park our four-place trailer in a nearby field and load up our gear, food, water, and whatever we needed for the camp, into what we called our “tubbies." Then we towed the tubbies behind our snowmobiles and traveled the 2.5 mile trek up the hill to our camp. Well, this was ok, and actually kind of fun, but a few times we arrived late at night to some blizzard like conditions and the process to get ourselves up to the camp was less than enjoyable to say the least. Especially when you add our two very large Itailian Mastiff dogs to the mix!

I would usually get a new snowmobile every other year or so, just to be sure we had a reliable transporter. Then, I began looking into alternative ways of getting “up the hill”, thinking I could get a better tubby or something that would take the edge off of the cold travel method we were using. After some research I found American Track Truck. So I investigated further and made some phone calls. I compared companies and found out that I could convert my old Dodge Ram 1500, that was sitting anyways, into a track truck that would get us “up the hill”, and in style no less! My old dodge was all lifted and done up to go mudding and the DOMINATOR tracks fit perfectly. As you can see from the pictures, this track truck is awesome and it turns heads everywhere we go with it! The price of the DOMINATOR tracks was less than I would have paid to get a new snowmobile and the people at American Track Truck are awesome. They worked with me in every way, and made sure I had everything I needed to install the tracks easily. I am very satisfied and pleased with this product and would recommend them to all. The best part of this deal is driving this truck. Its so easy and I even let the wife drive it on occasion of course! We are the envy of the neighborhood! Thanks for your product and for making our winter transportation a pleasure. Best regards,

B.T. from New Hampshire