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Hand Crafted by hard working Americans in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Hand Crafted by hard working Americans
in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

American Track Truck was started as a side project by a few friends (an engineer, a mechanic, a product designer, and a couple of others) in the Chassell area of Upper Michigan, when they realized that a huge void existed in the tracked vehicle market for snow applications. Basically the market offers two choices--snowmobiles and full size trail groomers (snow cats), and nothing in between. The lack of options became apparent when the Chassell Snowmobile Club tried to purchase a vehicle to groom a ¼ mile race track for its annual ice festival and found nothing suitable or affordable. A snowmobile cannot pull a heavy enough groomer drag to make a decent trail, it exposes the operator to the cold, and has no storage capacity. A full size trail groomer is often overkill weighing in excess of 10,000 lbs and costing over $100,000. Used trail groomers sell for much less, but can easily bankrupt a small operation with constant repair bills. So, in 2005, American Track Truck was established with a mission to create light/medium weight tracked vehicles, with heavy-duty capabilities, at affordable prices. After several years of research and development, American Track Truck finally opened for business in January of 2008. American Track Truck sells both tracked-trucks and track systems. Our Track Trucks come with the track systems already installed and a variety of additional options including a transmission cooler, hydraulic system, four-way plow, body lift, rear mounted camera with LCD monitor, caution lights, fog lights and search light. Original tires and wheels are always included so that you can use the vehicle normally, within minutes, if you desire. Compare this to any other groomer or snow vehicle option you might be considering. Our vehicle is basically an SUV or pick-up truck that you can utilize all year round. And if you ever decide to update to a newer model vehicle, you can simply transfer the equipment from one vehicle to another.


Our track systems began with the Sno-Tracks series, and have now evolved into the Dominator series. They are the lightest on the market at about 170 lbs each, allowing for easy, one-person installation. Dominators provide excellent floatation, reducing the vehicle's ground pressure to less than 2 pounds per square inch, making it nearly impossible to get stuck, even in the deepest snow, slush, mud, marsh, swamp, sand, etc. The biggest advantage of our updated Dominator design is the ability to operate the tracks even on dry ground, at reduced speeds.