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DOMINATOR® track systems are specially designed to fit nearly all common passenger vehicles up through the full-size ½ ton series, and also some of the lighter ¾ ton and 1 ton series vehicles, with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 bolt hubs. Although Dominator® track systems can be used year round and in almost all types of terrain, their primary purpose, and best performance, is in snow and ice, or similar terrains, which require exceptional floatation and traction.

In most cases Dominator® tracks install in less than one hour with no other modifications necessary to the vehicle. The tracks may then be removed just as easily, restoring the vehicle to its original state.

Dominator® tracks move almost effortlessly so even the smallest engines have no trouble powering them. This is accomplished with our exclusive design which minimizes resistance and drag allowing nearly all of the engine’s power to transfer directly to the ground. Dominator® tracks are practically maintenance free, allowing convenient and reliable operation in even the worst weather conditions and most challenging environments.

Dominator® frames are fabricated from T-1 grade steel providing superior strength with minimal weight. Our special drive drums utilize a self-cleaning design which prevents ice and mud from accumulating. Bolt patterns can be changed at any time by using adapters, so you can swap one track system between multiple vehicles.

Dominator® tracks are designed for use in snow, slush, ice, mud, marsh, swamp, wet terrain, and even on dry ground at lower speeds. Dominators® are the lightest on the market at about 180 lbs each, allowing for easy, one-person installation. Dominators provide excellent floatation, reducing the vehicle’s ground pressure to less than 2 pounds per square inch, making it nearly impossible to get stuck, even in the deepest snow or mud. Plus, Dominators® will add ground clearance to your vehicle by an average of 6" depending on the height of your original tires. For instance, Dominators® raise most Chevy Blazers by 9" making the vehicle’s height, at center of hubs, 21" from the ground.

Dominators® use the highest quality snowmobile tracks, bogie wheels, and slides. These snowmobile industry parts hold up very well on the Dominator® track systems. For instance, we often see rubber tracks which have logged thousands of miles show only minimal signs of wear--they basically still look like new.

All of our metal components (frames, rails and drive sprockets) are made from high quality American steel, produced here in Northern Michigan. And all of the wear items (tracks, bogie wheels, slides and bearings), are available from your local snowmobile dealers and auto parts stores, so there is no need to order specialized replacement parts from us. The parts that are specialized, such as the frames, rails and drive wheels, are designed to last a lifetime and are unlikely to ever need replacing. All of our steel components are protected by a powder coated finish to provide years of corrosion free service. And Dominator® track systems are backed by our comprehensive 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee!**