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My family of five moved to a remote mountain home in North Idaho six winters ago (there are two season's here:  Winter and Gettin' Ready for Winter!).  We typically get a total of 11-14 feet of total snowfall each year, with about 4-5 feet on the ground at the deepest.  That first winter was a challenge as we tried to find the best way to access our home with me working full-time and the family needing to go out as well.  For about five months each winter we park our vehicles two miles from our house, down a narrow logging road that drops 1,000 feet in elevation.  That first winter we shared a couple of old snowmobiles and even tried a modified 1942 M29 Weasel tracked military vehicle which worked OK until the parts started breaking (ever tried to find a bogey wheel or axle for something that old?).  Needless to say I began researching other options right away and eventually came across American Track Truck.  In our case, a meager budget kept us from purchasing a set for several years, even though they are the most reasonably priced option out there.


Then in January of 2018 my wife slipped on ice and fell, shattering a vertebrae in her back.  We were forced to stay at a family members place in town for the next four months wondering if we would have to sell our mountain home, since she will never be able to snowmobile again.  Then through some unexpected circumstances the funds were provided for us to finally buy a set of Dominator tracks from ATT!  Early last winter we installed them on our 2004 Toyota Sequoia and what a difference it has made in our lives!  Now my wife (and the rest of the family) can ride in comfort down and back between our house and where we park the vehicles for the winter.  Cruising down the mountain in fresh snow is like surfing on your living room couch!  When it has been a while between snow storms and the traffic of snowmobiles and our rig have made a bumpy road, we tow a groomer drag behind us to smooth it out again.  We are very happy with our Dominator Track System and would recommend them to anyone.

L.M. from Idaho