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The reason we purchased the American Track Trucks was to access our cabin in Pitkin, Colorado (which we are moving into year-around - but there is no plowing in the winter). We have other snow vehicles and they all have their purposes, but living up there year-around we knew we had to get in & out in all the seasons, because we still have to work. (unfortunately!)

The main reason we decided on the Track Trucks is that I felt they would be perfect for the mud seasons in Spring and Fall - the times when there is still a lot of snow at the cabin, but the roads are melting out down lower on the Southern exposures and the area is not plowed out until later in the spring when summer residents start showing up. I also had the perfect vehicle (my 1975 Restored Bronco), because I had spent a lot of time restoring it and didn't use it as much as I would like to because we have other 4x4 vehicles for summer use. So, it could bridge the gap and give us another option for fun in the winter and still summer also, because changing over is as easy as changing the wheels out!

I used the new tracks for part of last winter and spring and they performed better than I expected and did exactly what I wanted them to do. They performed well in the snow, although we have, in places above where we live, some very deep and very dry, light, bottomless snow that the snowmobiles even have problems in that got us stuck once (I also drove into some of that snow to turn around a couple times, thought I was stuck, because it was buried deep and then kicked a little snow from in front and drove right out!!) But, that means you have to just think and not go where you shouldn't go, just like always in the Colorado Mountains! But, on good snow and then especially in the Spring when we had the multiple conditions of snow/mud/dry it was perfect - exactly what I hoped it would do. So, now I can get in & out without tearing up the snowmobiles or tearing up the roads with the snowcat tracks (in more comfort that either of the others) and have a backup for every possible situation in the winter, spring & fall.

Some other reasons I chose American Track Trucks is obviously the cost vs some others on the market; ease of maintenance; "Made in the USA"; I can just get a different adaptor set and use them on any other vehicle I have or want to use, so they will be useful as long as need to use them even if the original vehicle dies.

Thanks again for everything - I love them and can't wait for more snow to get here - usually much more by now… although I did have to use them already because for a week we had too much to get up our steep hill and broke it out to haul some things up that we needed!

G.R. from Colorado