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Do you need Limiter kits?

If you are concerned about track over-rotation, or flipping, you can add Limiter kits. These Limiter kits are relatively universal and attach easily to most vehicles. Once installed you can adjust the pivot of each track to prevent over-rotation in challenging terrain, such as deep snow or sudden grade changes. Unlike the competitor’s torsion devices, our Limiters won’t adversely affect traction.  Our Limiters allow the tracks to free-float, so they can instantly adjust to grade changes, but simply limit them from pivoting too far.  Torsion devices, on the other hand, put constant pressure on the tracks to hold them flat on the ground, which restrains their ability to adjust to grade changes.  If the tracks cannot adjust to grade changes they lose traction and spin, and its possible for the vehicle to become stuck.

Limiters are most effective when the tracks are used as recommended.  In other words you should proceed slowly and cautiously through treacherous or unknown terrain.  If you are traveling too fast and strike an object or a void in the snow, the forces can be extreme and the Limiters may not be able to prevent damage.

Note that the XL tracks and/or the use of differential lockers reduce the need for Limiters. Also, the rear axle tracks typically don’t need Limiters unless your application is unusually demanding.  In other words, the most effective place for Limiters is the front axle and for the Standard length tracks.