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“American Track Truck DOMINATOR™ Tracks – performance in SLUSH”

American Track Truck DOMINATOR™ Tracks – performance in SLUSH

Let me tell you how impressed I was this weekend with my Grand Cherokee Track Truck.

We have had abnormal temperatures for the last couple of weeks, and the ice is melting fast.

We had to pull our ice shacks off the lake this weekend, and you should have seen the snow and slush that I pulled the shacks through. I have enclosed a couple pictures, of me pulling some shacks, but I wish I would have had someone take a picture of me pulling in the deep slush, or even taken a video of me pulling them through the deepest slush holes.

I was pulling up to 4 shacks at a time through the slush, and the trail-groomer type tracked vehicles had a tough time pulling 2 shacks at a time, due to their under-clearance and limited speed.

As a matter of fact, just the week before, I had to pull one of these trail groomers out of the slush, as he had gotten hung up. I just backed up slowly without an issue, hooked up the tow rope, and pulled ahead just like pulling a trailer.

Even quads (ATV’s and UTV’s) that were out there with tracks on, would struggle a bit, overheat, or break down.

When I got to shore, there were some larger groups of people on shore witnessing me pull, and they could not believe I pulled the shacks through the deeper slush.

We were amazed at the traction the jeep had, with the ¾” lug tracks. When I got into the slush, I would throttle down, and the slush would fly everywhere.

I never got stuck once!!

Having the extra speed, and with the clearance under the jeep, it was no trouble pulling through the deep slush.

I was a bit skeptical all winter, as to see how my track jeep would be in the slush, but now I know, I have no worries.

Plus I can get to the fishing holes earlier in the year, and my wife and I get to stay warm all the way out to the ice shack!

We sure are happy with our DOMINATOR tracks!

Thank you!
E.U. from Thunder Bay Canada