XL HD for 3/4 ton and 1 ton
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Diesel Brothers use DOMINATOR Tracks for Nissan Titan Build

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If your application requires a 3/4 ton or 1 ton vehicle then our DOMINATOR XL HD Series may be perfect for you!  We have many 4x4 trucks, SUV’s and passenger vans currently operating DOMINATOR XL HD all over the world.  Applications range from snow coach passenger vans to utility work trucks, trail groomers and cargo transporters.  Our customers find that DOMINATOR XL HD Series tracks provide huge cost advantages over the alternatives, while increasing performance and decreasing maintenance requirements.

Contact us today to see if DOMINATOR XL HD Series tracks are the right choice for you!


Here is a our Ford Excursion on a new set of American Truck Tracks. This is a work rig for Woodland Resort on Devils Lake, ND. Great tool for moving fish houses and to get our customers to and from the resort.
Thanks for making a great product! K.B.