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Hydraulic Kits

-Self contained and installation ready
-Easy installation in several hours
-Light weight-only about 80 lbs
-12 v electric motor driven hydraulic pump
-Convenient toggle switch operation, including console switch pad for many vehicles
-Up to five 2-way hydraulic circuits -Use to operate groomer drag, plow, and tools -Use to replace worn systems on older grooming equipment

Our Power Plow is designed specifically for our Track Trucks to take the vehicle height and profile into consideration. Power Plow is controlled by our hydraulic system package. Power Plow has four-way (up, down, left, right) action and includes down pressure! Our strong, light-weight blade is 15" tall and 7’ wide, perfect for busting snow banks, cleaning berms, and pushing obstacles out of your way. Unlike other plows on the market, our design keeps the plow mounts high off the ground and doesn’t interfere with Track Truck ground clearance.