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I am a private contractor de-icing gas wells for an energy company in Canada. I am ready for anything old man winter can dish out with my DOMINATOR Track System on my04 Dodge Ram 1500. This setup is amazing! I have all the power I need to carry de-icing equipment to remote locations without having to sit around and wait for snow plows and dozers. This track truck gives me the ability to get outta trouble easier than I can find it. And in my line of work its easy to find trouble! With this track truck I can operate where and when the others can’t. Word has gotten out and other energy companies are now calling me! The other guys use tracks on UTV’s and mini-trucks, which don’t perform nearly as well. Half the time they are stuck in the freezing cold, getting noting done, as I drive right by. But I really hope they keep using their inferior toys because I can get paid while they cant! The best part is Im riding around in a warm luxurious vehicle listening to the radio and sipping on a coffee the entire time!

Well done American Track Truck!

D.F. from Alberta Canada